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The initial stone Arch was built in order to welcome the crown prince of the Russian Empire Nickolas in 1891 when he visited the Far East, and when construction of the Trans-Siberian railway was commenced. The city government doled out 5000 rubles and the merchant society donated 4000 rubles more for it. It was considered to be serious money at that period of time. The Arch was designed in a traditional Russian style typical for constructions of the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century and represented marine gates of Vladivostok through which the future Russian emperor would enter Vladivostok. In 1891 Nickolas came to the city and was greeted with traditional bread and sault.

During the Soviet period the Arch underwent some changes. In 1923 all monarchical symbols were removed. The Arch itself got the name Komsomol Arch. In 1930 it was demolished and only in 1998 was recreated thanks to the Vladivostok businessman Aleksander Ermolaev who decided to use his own funds for this. The reconstruction was conducted with the usage of old photographs, historical archives and literary sources because original blueprints had not been preserved. The renewed Arch was officially opened in 2003. 

Nowadays the Triumphal Arch is included in almost all excursions around Vladivostok. This is a remarkable spot and one of the city calling cards.  


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