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Vladivostok GUM, Primorsky region
GUM is situated in the historical center of Vladivostok and is considered one of the most fascinating constructions of the city. In 1864 the Germans Gustav Kunst and Gustav Albers came to Vladivostok from Hamburg and opened a shop of goods necessary for garrisons such as matches, vodka, sugar etc. In the middle of the 70-s Vladivostok was assigned a status of a military port, goods turnover of German entrepreneurs increased several times and they decided to build an original stone building for the store. The experienced architect Georg Yunghendel was invited for its construction. It was the first stone store in Vladivostok and had such unprecedented comforts as steam heating, telephones, elevator and private electric lighting. In the early 20th century it was reconstructed and got the look that has remained until present. In 1930 the Soviet authorities nationalized this trading house building and opened GUM a year later. 

In 2009, the year of its 75th anniversary, the GUM became home for the museum devoted to the story of its creation. Initially it was opened only for the store employees. Here you can see the massive table used by German entrepreneurs, creators of the “Kunst and Albers” trading house, the account book with the first records made in 1901, old photographs representing the store construction and many other exhibits.  

Nowadays the museum is opened for visitors only upon a prior arrangement with the managers, and we can organize this excursion for you. However there are plans to open the GUM museum for everyone in the future. 

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